Love the Old Floors in Your Long Branch, NJ Home?

Love the Old Floors in Your Long Branch, NJ Home?

Make them look like new with our floor sanding and finishing services

Old homes often have amazing features that homeowners want to preserve. Many homes may still have their original hardwood floors. If you want to keep your beautiful vintage floors, turn to America General Floors Inc in Long Branch, NJ for floor sanding and finishing. We'll sand your floors to remove surface scratches, then make them look like new with a fresh coat of stain or gloss.

Schedule your hardwood floor refinishing project today.

Helping you make smart decisions about your floors

If it's time for a hardwood floor refinishing project, we'll do what it takes to keep your floors looking great. We can:

  • Examine your space to recommend stain colors
  • Help you decide what brand of stain to use
  • Go over our refinishing process with you

Floor sanding and finishing typically takes about four times as long as installing new floors, but this process lets you preserve your old floors. We'll let you know how long your project will take based on the square footage. Email us now if you want to give your old floors a new lease on life.